Do You Have Rats and Mice in Your Attic?

Do You Have Rats and Mice in Your Attic?

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Are rodents infesting your home? Having wild animals infest your home can be a real danger to your home, and your family. Rats and mice enter your home searching for food and commonly hide in your cabinets and under appliances. Once they get inside your home and create a nest it can become more difficult to perform a complete wildlife removal and reverse the damage in Clearwater, FL.

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3 diseases rats and mice carry

Not only can they cause structural damage to your property, wild rats and mice can carry several diseases that can be passed to humans.

  • Plague - though it sounds outdated, the plague still kills people worldwide through animal infestations
  • Leptospirosis – or Weil's Disease, strands from the bacteria Leptospira, is carried by rodents and other wild animals. Weil’s Disease is passed through the contaminated rodent’s urine into our water and food or cuts in the skin.
  • Salmonellosis - this disease strands from Salmonella bacteria. This is commonly spread by not washing your hands after touching rodent droppings OR having rodent droppings contaminate your food.

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