Don't Let Wildlife Destroy Your Insulation

Don't Let Wildlife Destroy Your Insulation

Total Animal Control offers attic restoration services in the Clearwater, FL area

In addition to carrying dangerous diseases, animals that invade your home may also have a knack for destruction. As they build their nests in your attic, they'll tear up your insulation and cover your attic with droppings. These activities create a toxic environment in your home, and they also attract other wildlife.

To keep your home in Clearwater, FL safe from contamination and invasion, reach out to Total Animal Control. After we perform an animal removal in your attic, we can take care of your attic damage with a full restoration.

Call 727-262-6343 today to learn more about our attic restoration services in Clearwater, FL. We'll work hard to make your space as good as new.

We'll clean up your entire attic

When you reach out to us to repair your attic damage, we'll create a custom restoration plan designed for your space. You can count on us to:

  • Clean up any animal debris
  • Decontaminate your attic
  • Remove odors from the area
  • Replace your damaged insulation

To take advantage of our attic restoration services, contact Total Animal Control today. We can come to your home in the Clearwater, FL area right away.